Who We Are

In 1942, the Michigan District of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod resolved to begin a full time campus ministry at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, the University Lutheran Chapel (ULC). The ministry focus was on sharing the Good News of the Gospel and developing students to become future leaders of the Church. The stewardship for this ministry transitioned to the St. Luke Lutheran Church multi-site in 2006. As of February 2016, we are no longer a part of the multisite. We are a newly chartered congregation. We seek to serve students from the University of Michigan and Concordia University Ann Arbor. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless and direct the work of the Chapel. 


While the primary ministry is to students, we are a ‘town and gown’ ministry with both residents (members who attend and reside in the Ann Arbor area) and students joining together in worship and service. The church is people. Never losing sight of that, we connect to each other through weekly Bible study, relationship building and enjoyable events - we don’t like to be bored! Somehow it seems that no matter what we are doing, food shows up. 

We strive to be faithful in Sunday worship through a variety of forms, from a more traditional hymnal based service (9am) to a worship team led service (11am).  Our worship teams are filled with the gifted student and resident musicians in our congregation. Holy Communion is celebrated in a circle around the altar at every Sunday worship service. In Advent and Lent we hold midweek worship, with a meal before the service. All of our worship services are casual, yet liturgically based, Spirit-filled and focused on the gifts of Jesus freely given to us. We pray for a pastor who clearly communicates the Gospel, fervently preaches and teaches us, holds to Lutheran theology, and embraces all worship forms.

We continue to be blessed with the opportunity to call and equip students with the Gospel as they grow to be servants of Christ and His Church.  Reaching students, during their formative years, challenges us to have a witness that is authentic, relational, winsome and apologetic. We are blessed to have a deaconess to support students and residents during our journeys of faith.   


 We have an active student group that regularly meets for dinners and  community building. Our students enjoy spending time at the chapel and  are always welcome at The Common Cup, our full service coffee house, located in the lower level of our building. The Common Cup provides a  welcoming setting where meaningful relationships are built, the love of  Christ is shared, and great beverages (with caffeine) are served. Monthly  live music performances and rotating art exhibits contribute to the  inviting atmosphere. Our coffee shop manager serves by overseeing all parts of the ministry and operations.