The MIssion here at ULC is to be a: 


Thriving Christ centered, intergenerational community, engaging students

to trust Jesus and share His love with the world. 

Explanation: Residents and students work together, through Christ centered activities and teaching,to bring the U of M community closer to Jesus. We believe the church must stimulate/guide the conversation during educational, emotional, spiritual, relational, and vocational formation of every generation. Further, we work to equip students (and residents alike) with the ability to share the Gospel so they will continue to be entrepreneurial servants of Christ and His Church, on campus and whereever they migrate after their years on campus.


Strategic Initiatives:


1. We will engage students and residents in Christ centered worship and strong biblical


This means we will offer Christ centered worship opportunities that will seek to engage the hearts and
minds of university students and residents, with a particular emphasis on strong preaching with daily
application. Weekly worship will empower participants for a vibrant life of service.


2. We will equip students and residents to take appropriate next steps on their daily journey
of life and faith.


This means we will build and facilitate intentional activities designed to encourage individual pursuit
in their personal faith walk and improve self confidence in discipling those around us at ULC and the
environments we live, work, and play in.


3. We will pro-actively serve the world, starting with teh Ann Arbor community and specifically on the U of M campus.


This means serving with our time thru service projects – intentionally engaging the campus and
serving with our finances / tithe. Serving our community should be a natural response from us as a
church to help care for our neighbors out of love for God and our love for one another. Our service
should also help to serve the primary need of every neighbor: to build or strengthen a relationship
with Christ. While the activities listed are rarely Christ-centered, they need to be done with the above
objective in mind. This also includes the need to include our tithing to the district & global missions.


4. The Common Cup will be an inviting place to transform lives with Jesus’ love.

This means that believing in Jesus’ life and love transforms lives. The Common Cup will be intentional
about such things as: a) initiating deeper Christ centered conversations with customers, b) hosting
special student events, c) creatively marketing to U of M, d) being a presence on the U of M campus,
and e) creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.